Maison des Artistes

Where the heART is!

Maison des Artistes provides more
than a good night's sleep

Maison des Artistes is a direct result of the Arnaudville Experiment and is a product of Town Market, LLC. Like the Louisiana Cultural Districts program, we believe that by incentivizing cultural development in a community, it helps to develop and diversify new economic opportunities.

When you stay at Maision des Artistes, you are helping to spark the cultural economy, here in the community of Arnaudville, the Acadiana region and the state Louisiana.

How? In addition to creating a selling/viewing venue for visual artists, a percentage of revenues is donated by Maison des Artistes to key organizations including: NUNU Arts and Culture Collective, Corridor des Arts, Louisiana Partnership for the Arts Advocacy and Americans for the Arts Advocacy. In turn, these organizations are better able to promote, perpetuate and propogate Louisiana's unique culture thus attracting even more consumers who buy more art and contribute to the service industry, ultimately creating more jobs.  

“In 2007, the Louisiana Legislature created the Cultural Districts (CD) program. It is based on the premise that tax incentives in areas designated as cultural districts would contribute to increased business opportunities; new markets for cultural products; increased artist production; increased renovations of older buildings; increased cultural activity; a greater sense of community identity; and increased property values.”

Arnaudville is a Louisiana Cultural District
where all original art is sales tax free.

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Maison d'Artistes is a Town Market, LLC business
"A percentage of all sales will be donated to NUNU Arts and Culture Collective, a 501(c)3 that provides opportunities for artists, artisans and those who seek to learn as well as Louisiana Partnership for the Arts Advocacy and Americans for the Arts Advocacy.